MONDAY, February 7 – LARRY BOSSIDY,  at 5 p.m. in the Chapel, join us for an evening with Larry – On Saving our Youth: Breaking the Grip of Emotional Isolation.  After losing a grandchild to death by suicide, Larry and his family, and friends created Radical Hope, an organization whose mission is to break the grip of emotional isolation that is killing our young people. Larry will reflect upon his experiences and share the vision he holds for change through Radical Hope.

MONDAY, April 4 – DR. JONATHON ADDLETON, at 5 p.m. in the Chapel, Topic: Reflections on recent events in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Dr. Jonathan Addleton was installed as rector of Forman Christian College in October 2020. A five-time USAID Mission Director (Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Central Asia), Jonathan Addleton also served as US Ambassador to Mongolia, USAID Representative to the European Union in Brussels, and Senior Civilian Representative to southern Afghanistan in Kandahar. He retired after a 32-year Foreign Service career in January 2017 and then taught International Relations at Mercer University in Macon, GA, and also served as Executive Director of the American Center for Mongolian Studies. He has a Ph.D. from Tufts University and a B.S. from Northwestern University. His books include Some Far and Distant Place, The Dust of Kandahar, and Mongolia and the United States: A Diplomatic History. The son of Baptist missionary parents from rural Georgia, he was born and raised in Pakistan.
He is married to the former Fiona Mary Riach from Kilmarnock, Scotland and has three adult children


January 6 – HON. JAMES W. ZIGLAR SR., Sergeant at Arms of the Senate during the Clinton Impeachment Trial
Topic: Impeachment


March 17 — MARK LABBERTON, President and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: Making Distinctions

March 16 — Pete Wehner, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center
Topic: Is Christianity Good For America

March 15 — Dr. Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: Sticky Faith

February 27 — David Novak, American businessman, author and philanthropist.
Topic: The Amazing Power of Recognition


March 16 — MARK LABBERTON, President and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: For the Faith of the Next Generation

March 17 — STEVE ARGUE, Applied Research Strategist for the Fuller Institute and Associate Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: The Great Hungers and Questions of Youth and Young Adults –  For the PowerPoint Presentation for this topic – Please Call the Chapel

Topic: Questions of Faith for a Generation of Nones

March 9 — JODIE BERNDT, Speaker, Author and Former Television Writer and Producer
Topic: Trusting God With the Ones You Love – Available on CD at the Chapel


April 19 — JIM ZIGLAR, Former Commissioner, Immigration and Naturalization Service
Topic: Historical Perspective on Immigration and Political Divisiveness in the U.S.


January 20 — MATT & JULIA KAWECKI, U.S. Consulate in Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia

Topic:  Impressions of Saudi Arabia

January 24 — REV. DR. WILL ACKLES

Topic:  First Things First


February 8 — MARK LABBERTON, President, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic:  First Things

February 13 — NANCY MCGUIRK, Speaker and author
Topic: The Secret of Contentment


January 10 — DR. JOHN ORTBERG, Senior Pastor of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, trustee of Fuller Theological Seminary, speaker and author
Topic:  Who Is This Man?

February 26 — DR. TOM TEWELL, President and Founder, Macedonian Ministry
Topic:  Lattes, Skinny Jeans and Jesus