January 6 – HON. JAMES W. ZIGLAR SR., Sergeant at Arms of the Senate during the Clinton Impeachment Trial
Topic: Impeachment


March 17 — MARK LABBERTON, President and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: Making Distinctions

March 16 — Pete Wehner, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center
Topic: Is Christianity Good For America

March 15 — Dr. Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: Sticky Faith

February 27 — David Novak, American businessman, author and philanthropist.
Topic: The Amazing Power of Recognition



March 16 — MARK LABBERTON, President and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: For the Faith of the Next Generation

March 17 — STEVE ARGUE, Applied Research Strategist for the Fuller Institute and Associate Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic: The Great Hungers and Questions of Youth and Young Adults –  For the PowerPoint Presentation for this topic – Please Call the Chapel

Topic: Questions of Faith for a Generation of Nones

March 9 — JODIE BERNDT, Speaker, Author and Former Television Writer and Producer
Topic: Trusting God With the Ones You Love – Available on CD at the Chapel


April 19 — JIM ZIGLAR, Former Commissioner, Immigration and Naturalization Service
Topic: Historical Perspective on Immigration and Political Divisiveness in the U.S.


January 20 — MATT & JULIA KAWECKI, U.S. Consulate in Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia

Topic:  Impressions of Saudi Arabia

January 24 — REV. DR. WILL ACKLES

Topic:  First Things First


February 8 — MARK LABBERTON, President, Fuller Theological Seminary
Topic:  First Things

February 13 — NANCY MCGUIRK, Speaker and author
Topic: The Secret of Contentment


January 10 — DR. JOHN ORTBERG, Senior Pastor of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, trustee of Fuller Theological Seminary, speaker and author
Topic:  Who Is This Man?

February 26 — DR. TOM TEWELL, President and Founder, Macedonian Ministry
Topic:  Lattes, Skinny Jeans and Jesus